Words shape our life. The way we define objects and events, impacts our perception and interpretation of them. This is why for us problems doesn’t exist , just a challenges we face and overcome. We do not judge, but draw conclusions. There are no madmen, just men of success, who took their dreams to reality.

Experience is ALDA’s foundation, and openness to new solutions is the drive of our development.  Constant
contact with Clients and analyzing their needs helps us to make products in such the way that their use brings every day a new dimension.


The quality and durability of ALDA products is confirmed by many clients. Quality control is uncompromised. Our goal is customer satisfaction, therefore, based on over 35 years of experience, we are constantly raising production standards. Functionality of our products is constantly tested, thanks to which we are sure that they are well suited for everyday use.

ALDA is a team of professional and experienced assistants and designers. Our experience is the foundation of functioning, we are open to new solutions which are our driving force. Continuous contact with clients and analyzing their comments will help us to make products that meet needs of our customers.


Pedal bins, waste segregation bins, waste bins, park bins, ashtray bins and ashtrays.

We invite you to cooperation.