Materiał: stal nierdzewna
Kolor: satyna
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Stainless steel

Stainless steel is high quality, durable and corrosion-resistant material, which guarantees many years of issue use. Moreover, stainless steel is completely safe to human health, has antibacterial properties and does not react with foodstuffs, drinks or potable water.



Comfort and functionality

Modern design of stainless steel kettles, combined with refined elegance, make ALDA kettles a perfect solution for the contemporary demanding Clients. The wide range of shapes and a whole array of volumes, plus special features of each model, cater for even the most demanding tastes.

Stainless steel kettles have comfortable ergonomic handles that ensure safe use. Models with lids make filling the kettle with water very convenient, whilst the use of inbuilt whistles adds to the safety of use. Ferromagnetic steel makes possible the use of kettles on gas, electric, halogen and induction stoves. Sandwich-type bottom accelerates the boiling process, which in turn lets you save energy and time.

The functionalities of stainless steel kettles guarantee absolute comfort of use.