Easy Day

Materiał: aluminium
Kolor: zielony transparent / czerwony transparent / żółty transparent / brązowy transparent / grafit transparent / marmurek
Pojemność: 2,5L
Sztuk w op. 6


The structural material of the kettle is very important, because it is vital for the comfort of use. Aluminium is the most popular material used in the production of kettles. It has excellent thermal conductivity, which makes boiling water in aluminium kettles a very quick proces. The use of aluminium for the production of kettles opens a wide range of design options. The kettles are powder coated in selected colours, or decal is applied.


Comfort and functionality

ALDA aluminium kettles are colourful gems in our product portfolio. The classic design and modern colour range add up to a whole range of models fitting any interior. Particularly interesting are kettles with a full handle – a special SAFE HOLD solution, which gives you safety when handling a kettle filled with freshly boiled water. Extremely convenient is also the use of an inbuilt whistle, which increases the safety of use of the kettle.

Aluminium kettles will serve you hundreds of cups of tea, aromatic coffee and ensure countless smiles during the time spent with your loved ones.

Eco – friendly

Aluminium kettles are healthy and safe to use. The use of top quality materials makes our products environmentally friendly. Aluminium has very good heat conduction properties. Plastic handles give users protection from hot surfaces during the use. During the kettle manufacturing process, we guarantee proper hygiene and attention to detail. Our quality supervisor controls the safety and functionality of all kettles and the conformity with PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 standards. Aluminium kettles hold the certification issued by the National Institute of Hygiene and hundreds of positive opinions of our satisfied Clients.