Stacja higieniczna
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Hygienic equipment

They work very well in all public places. Hygiene and safety guaranteed.

Waste segregation

We have to prevent devastation of the Earth by protecting it from unprocessed rubbish.
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Industrial bins

Durability and hygiene. Bins ideal for factories, hospitals, catering establishments and workplaces.
Kosze Antybakteryjne

Antibacterial bins

Special coatings and additives provide protection against bacteria, fungi and molds, not only in hospitals.
Kosze w hotelu i w biurze

Bins in the hotel and office

Durability, quality and dedicated solutions for the most demanding customers.
Dla domu

For home

A wide selection of bins for the most demanding.

Ashtray bins

Over 80% of cigarette butts don't go to the trash. Let's change habits and clean up after ourselves.
Kosze do parku i na ulice

Bins for parks and streets

In our common space, we have to care for cleanliness and environmental protection.

Made In Poland
Polish producer
Do 5 lat gwarancji
Warranty up to 5 years
10000 cykli
Durability and quality
Właściwości antybakteryjne
Właściwości przeciwpożarowe