Freedom Fresh 30l

Materiał: stal
Kolor:  połysk/satyna/biały/fiolet/czerwony/zielony/pomarańczowy/czarny
Pojemność: 30 ltr
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High quality materials

ALDA bins are manufactured mainly from stainless steel. Stainless steel is high quality, durable and corrosion-resistant material, which guarantees many years of issue-free use. Moreover, stainless steel is completely safe to human health, has antibacterial properties and does not react with foodstuffs, drinks or potable water. Bins made of this material are practical and effective in keeping hygiene in the kitchen and bathroom.


Smart solutions

The experienced team of designers painstakingly design and construct all elements of ALDA bins down to the smallest detail. From a wide range of volumes and heights, to various shapes and the system of mountings and closures.

A definite advantage of ALDA solutions is the versatility of the bins. We can customise design of the bin through using various covers or instead of covers – using rings and overlays fastening the waste bag. This makes the bins very functional and easily adaptable to the changing needs. Particularly interesting in ALDA bins line are pedal bins. This line of baskets is being continually improved in terms of functionality.



State-of-the-art bins

ALDA waste bins perfectly add to any interior design concept. In our wide range of waste bins, there are bins perfect for hotels and restaurants, as well as for kitchens, bathrooms or offices. Most of our bins is the material they are made of stainless steel, which will match perfectly the modern design of any interior and moreover, is easy to maintain.